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Drs. Pernell & Jacobs

We have been healing the Greenwood, Grenada and Mid Delta communities since 1990 with safe & effective chiropractic care.

Greenwood Chiropractor for Total Well-Being

Our goal is to assist as many people as possible in returning to a state of balance, comfort and well-being. Knowing that the power that made this body is the one that heals it, our job is to remove any interference between the central nervous system and the body, thus allowing the natural healing ability of the body to do just that. Each cell and tissue of the body is in constant communication with the brain to help maintain a healthy environment for the body.

We use a number of effective techniques including Gonstead, Diversified, Graston and Extremity adjusting just to name a few. The joy of practicing chiropractic is seeing patients enjoy the benefits of health and being able to do the things they desire in this life.

Take the first step towards better health!

Thanks for visiting our site. We look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Contact our Greenwood office today and let’s arrange a time to discuss your specific health challenge.