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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Dorothey Pernell

Greenwood Chiropractor - Dr. Dorothey PernellI was tired of all the suffering.

My parents chose chiropractic care when I was a child and it became our primary source of healthcare. At the age of 18, I began working in my first chiropractic office and concluded that if this man could do this, then so could I. The opportunity to assist others in returning to health has been a pleasure these 23 years and I love it as much today as I did 38 years ago.

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Dr. Erin Jacobs

[Greenwood Chiropractor - Dr. Erin Jacobs

I don’t have a miraculous story about myself or how I came to chiropractic. I was simply born into it. From a few hours old, I was and continue to be under chiropractic care. Chiropractic has changed so many lives, it was only natural to me to continue the success that I had seen in the lives of patients.

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