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Women of Impact Conference Series 2019

Auburn University – Montgomery, Alabama
This Conference included women from all walks of life, who received information from Best Selling Authors, Mothers, Veterans, Military Spouses, Single Mothers, College Students, and Entrepreneurs sharing tips and tools to advancing in all areas of life.

Your Voice, Your Power with Anika

This Podcast focuses on having Hard Conversations, exercising your voice, advocating for yourself and reaching new heights.
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L is for Lily

On this episode of L is for Lily, Dr. Erin Jacobs speaks up about how hard it is to balance being a mom of three (one being highly autistic), being a business owner and all while she home schools her daughters.
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Celebrating Women USA

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LEARN – Living Everyday for Autism Recovery Naturally

A 5 hour continuing education class geared towards medical professionals

Your Prodigy is More than Their Biology

A parent’s guide to living with autism

SFHLW – Strategies for Healthy Living Workshop

Learn how to care for your body to reach your optimal potential!

Snots, Sneezes and Coughs – Chiropractic and Immunity

An exploration into how your immune system works

Sammie the Centipede Goes to the Chiropractor

An interactive classroom experience into what a chiropractor does

Ergonomics – How do you sit?

A workplace evaluation of proper workstation and desk arrangements

Women of Impact Conference Series 2019

Dr. Erin Jacobs



Barbara E.
Erin Jacobs Stagner delivered THE most amazing talk for special needs families yesterday in San Diego!

Maria S.
Thank you Erin Jacobs Stagner!!!! It was an absolutely invaluable experience to connect with you this morning. Thank you for selflessly giving me an hour of your time, your knowledge and experience, guidance and support today.

Zoe S.
And shoutout to Erin Jacobs Stagner—she’s amazing if you haven’t personally connected with her!

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